Back To School 2010

7 Jul

How to survive it and save money at the same time.

Summer is still in full swing, birds are chirping, barbecues are smoking, music is in the air and the kids are playing. Yet, August is on the horizon and soon it will be back-to-school!

That means getting the supply lists, books, clothes, shoes, pencils, pens, calculators, back-packs, rulers, ect. hopefully without breaking the bank-account. (Or our necks while trying to get out of the stores!)

Here are a couple helpful tips for making it through this season.

Tip #1 Buy online!

It’s almost a no-brainer. Why fight the crowd and deal with the 800+ aggravated mom’s storming through the walmart isles when you can shop for the usual items at home.

Plus, you can often find better deals online since you can buy direct and get free shipping almost always. I will be posting good back-to-school deals that I find as I surf around to help you save.

Tip #2 Don’t wait

You don’t have to wait until day #1 of school for your kids to bring home a school supply list. Most parents will usually always wait for the supply list to be given out before they even think about shopping.

Why wait when we already know the basics? #2 pencils, 3 ring binder, water biased markers, erasers, back-pack, colored pencils, ect.

You already know those will be on there, so no reason to wait. You would be better off buying those now, then when your child brings home a supply list, you will only need a couple things and you can leave the walmart rat race to the sea of aggravated parents.

Here are some deals I’m finding already… (more soon)
Save 10% Storewide at when you use coupon code CRAYTENOFF! Offer Expires 7/31/2010.

Super Savings From SKECHERS!
$10 off a Purchase of $50 or More
Coupon Code: FBONC

These coupon codes are only available here, thanks to the dude!

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