The Great American Past-time

2 Jul


Eh, not so much anymore..

Now that is more like it!!

Why go outside and do so much strenuous physical activity when we can sit in the Ac, suck down some sugary cola, and go back to the early 1900’s and pop some zombified nazis?

call of duty w.a.w nazi zombies

So many options these days, Nintendo Wii, PS3, xBox, Pc, Handhelds of all sorts. Personally, I am mostly a PC gamer myself.

I thought it was blog worthy that SCEA just dropped the price of the new PS3 slim down to a decent, $300.00! ($250.00 on some sites) If you look out for a good package deal you can come across one with two controllers and some free games.

I know what I’m getting soon!


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